Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Because compromise is the name of the game

When I was at the farmer's market with my sister a few weeks ago, we passed a kiosk where a guy was selling fantastic kitty condos.  I stopped to admire them, and my sister suggested that Himself would love to have a condo of his own.  I told her he had one, that he loved it very much; but that it lived in the basement because it's ugly.

You see, in my house form trumps function... or close to.  If something doesn't look the way I want it to, it better be pretty darned functional to justify my having to look at it.  In fact, I will go out of my way to avoid having to look at things I don't find attractive.

So, Himself's condo was sent to the basement the day that we moved in.

Not that that was a bad thing.  Every time I went downstairs to clean his pooper, or to get something out of the freezer, he follows me down and I take a few moments to play fight with him through the tunnel part of his condo.

However, my sister thought that my refusal to have the cat condo on the main floor was selfish.  When you live with others, you have to compromise, she says.  After all, look at her house.  She's got a husband and two boys; and the house is most definitely inhabited by males.  It's clean, but the decor is decidedly male.  That, and there's a lot of toys... just about everywhere.  That's life, she said.  You love somebody else, you live with somebody else, you put up with their stuff.  I may not live with another human, but I share my home with other creatures.  If something as simple as a cat condo would make Winter happier, then I should find a way to work it into my decor.

And so, because I'm a sucker...
The condo was moved to my front room/office.

You know, because I wouldn't want to be accused of being selfish towards my pets.

Dog Bed in the office

Cat basket under bench in front foyer

Dog bed in living room

Cat bed on book shelf in living room

Cat bed on dresser in bedroom

Dog bed in bedroom.


  1. And you thought you were in charge? Just because you pay for everything, you get to rule? Hmmmmm!

  2. What's a dog bed? In my house, they are called couches.

  3. I see compromise inall those pictures, yea for you.

  4. Janice funny! We used to have CC's condo at the bootom of the steps in the basement here for about the same reason. We drug it back up and put it in the study/wicker whatever the heck it is room and man you could see her smile. Can't see Winter's kitty lips but I bet he's smiling knowing that he has you wrapped around his little pink toe!

  5. That was too cute!

    My dogs sleep on the recliners.

  6. It looks like the pets are runnin' the show at your place :D