Sunday, February 13, 2011

On My Mind

  • I went out and shovelled paths in the yard for the guy who will be digging the sump pit this week.  The pit is going on the NE corner the house, but the pump will be draining water from the NW corner of the house.  He'll be removing dirt/concrete from a window on the south side of the house, out the gate on the SE corner and around to the side of the road.  He needs access to all that from the outside as well as the inside, and I didn't want him to trample the gardens, so I cleared the way around them for him.  I think I shovelled about 10 miles of paths in the snow today.  If it snows again before he shows up, he's fired.
  • Tallulah went to the vet on Friday.  They've got tv's in the exam rooms, playing little shorts about health issues for pets.  Tallulah watched them quite happily, which surprised the vet.  She said only 1 in 20 dogs can see the picture on the tv, and that the rest only see flicking light.  Tallulah watches tv all the time, but I didn't realize that others couldn't.  So, there you have it - yet another reason why my dog is the best.
  • After multiple failed attempts to purchase oversized granny panties online or in the store, I finally bit the bullet.  I went into Zellers and blindly grabbed the largest size of fruit of the loom briefs that they had.  I'm fairly generously sized, so I was both horrified at the size of what I had to buy, and simultaneously worried that I wouldn't be able to get anything large enough.  It turns out that I overshot my target, and brought home some seriously massive skivvies.  Not only are they so large that they won't stay up when I stand, but the waist line also comes up above my rib cage.    I've now left this long enough that buying them online so no longer an option, so I'm gonna need to work up the chutzpa to venture back to the underwear aisle and try again.    yea.


  1. I can imagine that you're more than happy the biggest size doesn't fit. I would be.

  2. What Linlah said. What Katie's Mom said.

    We always knew Talulah-lu-lah is a bright puppy :)