Friday, February 4, 2011

Busy not moving

Our office at work was moved this week.  They need room in the hospital for clinical staff, so they moved as much of the IT department as they could to an office downtown.  This is no small feat, as you can imagine.  Some of us started packing well in advance.  Some procrastinated, and some of us didn't have all that much to move.

I threw everything into a couple of boxes, and Monday afternoon the movers showed up to disconnect me computer.  (Because, you know, the IT department can't be trusted to move their own computers.)  The movers were supposed to arrive first thing on Tuesday morning and we were supposed to be set up in the new digs by 10:00am.  That didn't happen.  The movers went MIA, and didn't show up until the end of the day.  I worked from home but didn't get much accomplished.

Wednesday, I arrived at the office to find my stuff and reluctantly started to unpack.  The new office wasn't great.  It's an old building that feels dirty, and the cubicles are tiny.  I didn't even have room to sit in my chair and spin around in circles.  (Yes, I do that!  Don't you?)

About an hour after I arrived, I was called into the big boss' office.  While I wracked my brain to think of what I'd done wrong, he informed me that he's worried about my allergies.  He said that it'll be difficult to keep the office relatively dust free because of it's age, and offered to have me moved back to the hospital.  At first I wasn't convinced I wanted to go - my coworkers and friends are there now - but it wasn't long before I broke out with hives.  Yesterday, I had a wicked, terrible case of them; worse than I've experienced in a long time.  So, back I went.

Today, we bypassed the movers.  I threw everything back into the boxes and we brought them back to the old location.  The move that took two days to accomplish earlier in the week was undone in under an hour.

And, I get a primo cubical this time.

(PS - Occupational Health and Safety have already been in contact with me.  They'll be visiting the new/old office next week for inspection.  While I may have been lucky enough that my allergies gave me a pass, it's really not healthy for the folks I left behind to work there either.)

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  1. Do you feel disconnected not being with your group? I hope they get to move too based on your breakout it doesn't sound like anyone should be in the building.