Sunday, January 30, 2011

A little Irony

When my parents moved and started to get rid of most of their stuff, I called dibs on their snow blower.  I live on a corner, so there is a lot of shovelling to do.  However, when my dad explained that his (former) next door neighbour was unwell, and preparing to have ankle surgery, I agreed that the snow blower should be given to him.

Since then, my place has been stuffed to the gills with my parents' belongings.  Basement, garage and side yard are all full; there is no more room.

It has snowed a lot this year.  A lot.  Snow piles are now higher than my waist - taller in some areas.  I can't push the snow off the front porch anymore, because the piles around it are higher than the porch.  Now I have to lift the snow up, over the banisters and drop it down into the piles.

I'm not sure why, but this week the (former) neighbour decided he doesn't want the snow blower any more.  He called my dad and asked him to take it back.  My dad called me, and asked if I wanted it.  I said yes, but I have no place for it.  I can't take it until I make room.  Until then, it'll have to stay in storage.

We got another dump of snow yesterday.  The day before that, they cleared portions of the road, right onto the sidewalks.  I'm about to go out to hand-shovel for about an hour.  If I had the snow blower, it would take me 15 minutes.  But I can't have the snow blower until the snow melts and I can do a garage sale to make room for it.  How much to do you want a bet, we'll have next to no snow next year?


  1. If I had that much snow and a free snowblower headed my way, I'd let it live in the living room until spring.

  2. I have to agree with Dawn. Something might have to go but I'd find room for the blower. As far as next year, having it will be like insurance. I keep my walker and other DME so's to be sure I won't be needing them again any time soon.

  3. I'd take that bet because that's exactly how it works but I too would find room for it somewhere this year.

  4. can you keep it on the doorstep and just be careful not to trip over it??

  5. LOL. This is a pretty good neighbourhood, Carma, but with all the snow we've had, an unsupervised snow blower would go missing in about 1/10 of a second around here.

    I'm thinking I might try to put something else in storage to make some space. The problem is that the garage is currently looking very much like a tetrus game. If I move one thing, I'm afraid it'll all come apart.