Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thoughts of the day

I received a gift from a cousin today.  It seems he's got a neighbour with more money than brains who bought two cases of the world's most expensive TP (so he says - I haven't actually confirmed this).  He had it shipped in from Italy and then gave rolls out as gifts.   My cousin, generous soul that he is, sent all his cousins each a square of his roll so that we could know how the other half lives.

Apparently, a roll of this stuff costs $20.
It's pretty soft, actually.  It feels more like felt than it does paper, and it's certainly a step up (or two) from the TP made from recycled products that I buy.

My dad also brought me a present today - my kindergarten graduation certificate.  Although I've never had any desire to display any of my diplomas or degrees, I'm half tempted to frame this one and hang it on the wall in jest.

Although, I can't help but notice that the principal didn't sign it.

Does that invalidate the education that came afterwards????

And finally, I received a cheque in the mail this week.  Last summer, I tried participating with a blogging group that posts ads on your blog and then pays you for the space.  I opted out after a few months because I found their rules and regulations to be a bit strenuous, and it took until now for my payment to arrive.

Granted, I'm perfectly aware that mine is a low traffic blog, but that's all I got for hosting their ads for almost three months.

If you think about it, that would buy me 17 1/4 squares of toilet paper.

If I hadn't opted out, it would have taken me almost a year and a half to earn enough to pay for an entire roll.

Clearly, I'm not going to be able to count on this blog to support me.  Maybe I should go back to kindergarten so that I can get a better paying job.


  1. Seriously? $20 a roll for toilet paper? I'd be tempted to make a coat out of it or something, rather then wipe my behind. It would never do for me to be rich. I'm too practical.

    It cost almost that much to mail that check to you!

  2. Red toilet paper sort of freaks me out.

  3. holy jumpin' jesus... $20/roll toilet paper? there's luxuries, and then there's insanities... really...
    Certainly a conversation starter, I'm sure...

  4. I too don't care for rules and regulations but I'd use that a coater.

  5. wow - that is some steep priced TP!!! I'd love to try it out!

    Congrats on your huge blogging check. I signed up with one of those ad services as well - took me over a year to qualify for enough hits to even get a check; I canceled the ads as soon as it arrived.