Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Things we do when we're not here

Tallulah watches dog sports.

She can't believe dogs are actually rewarded for jumping in the pool.

I think she's in love.

Cotton cleans his teeth.
Note - that is not merely eating a cookie.  That is bribery to force the Dude to chew.

Winter climbs.

And I can't think about anything to blog about.


  1. Okay, that second photo is *PRICELESS*!!!!

  2. I love when Red (not Rooster)realizes there are animals on tv, so much fun to watch.

  3. Animals are always PERFECT blog fodder when the brain is on shut down.

  4. not gonna lie, I generally enjoy pet pictures. Especially cats in odd spots. thumbs up to that.

    Ollie gets very confused by animals on the television... and doorbells... and squeaky sounds... He paces the living room wondering where the sounds come from.