Sunday, January 9, 2011

Walloped by winter.

Winter (not the cat) has raised it's ugly head.  It isn't too cold out, but we're being hammered with snow.

We've had about 30cm (~ a foot) and I hear it's supposed to continue all week.  Even better, the wind is blowing and it's drifting.  Just about everything I had planned this weekend was cancelled, due to the weather.  Even dog walks are seriously shortened, but I have been going out a few times a day to shovel, because I can't don't want to shovel it all at once.

This afternoon, when the snow let up for a bit, I made a quick trip to the local grocery store.  I've got an assignment for cooking club tomorrow, and I needed three ingredients.  Apparently, everybody in town had had enough of being housebound and decided to stock up on groceries.  At my local grocery store.  I'm normally in and out of there in five minutes flat, but my three ingredients?  They required a 30 minute wait to check out.  The store had every checkout open, with a wait of 10-15 people.  It was crazy, but I wasn't going to go home empty handed.

So, I did want everybody else seemed to be doing and I stocked up with enough groceries to last me the rest of the winter (if only!) and settled in to wait my turn for checking out.  I'm home now.  My awesome neighbour came around and used his snowblower on my walk, so I don't have to go out again today.  And maybe not tomorrow either... I'm giving serious thought to working from home tomorrow.

Also - I commented a few days ago about the benefits of short dumb dogs.  I take it back.  I didn't have to go out and clear paths to the dog pen for the tall smart dog three times today so that she could pee.  I'm thinking that outweighs the inconvenience of having to hide my gloves from her.

P.S.  The tall dog counter-surfed my meatloaf tonight.    Have I mentioned how much I love my cat?


  1. "Counter-surfed your meatloaf"! Dying!

    Zoe stole a block of cheddar cheese once and ran outside with it. As I was chasing her willy nilly around the yard, trying to get her to drop the cheese, I was ever so thankful my children have moved out of the house. As I fear the temptation to film this event would have been too much for them.

    We lived in Maryland when our last bulldog was alive. We had to dig a big pen for him when we got 18 inches of snow in one day. Poor short doggy.

  2. bahaha, the dog comments at the end were awesome ;D
    I kind of miss snow. I'm sure eventually we'll get hardcore dumped and I'll get some sick of shovelling, but in the mean time....

    My cats steal stuff way more than my dog. But I do like that they're litter trained...