Friday, November 23, 2012


David is the reason why we went to Italy.  It's been on Ginny's bucket list to see him for most of her life.  He was pretty magnificent - Ginny gasped when she saw him for the first time.  We circled him many times to admire the artistry, and he's an amazing piece of work.  While I don't know that seeing him would have been worth the entire trip alone (don't get me wrong - the trip itself was fantastic) he was the the starting point.

Technically, David is in Florence, but we started to see bits of him in Venice, then Bologna, and then all over Florence.   More and more in each city.  Specifically, I'm talking about his penis.  It was everywhere.  There were aprons with it, tshirts, boxers, briefs and even panties with it strategically placed.  There were posters of it, and books.  There were even calendars that contained 12 pictures of it from various angles.

Frankly, I'm not sure that I understand the appeal.  There were statues of nude men all over the country, and I can't say that his junk stood out as being all that impressive.

I will say one thing for him, though:   David has a mighty fine ass.

No - I didn't take that picture.  I bought the postcard.
Frankly, if a poster had been available, I probably would have bought that.

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  1. so does barry hay on the back of the Moontan golden earring "album." i don't think you could see him so well on a CD.