Monday, November 26, 2012

I Am a Farmer Now

I have a worm farm.  Yep, I've gone over the deep end.

My theory is that worm farming is the only sort of farming I can do without developing any sort of attachment to the livestock.

Also, their poop is worth its weight in gold.  And they eat garbage.

It seemed like a whole lotta gain for very little effort.  And so, I brought home a worm tower, and a container full of red wigglers.  They'll be living in the basement as soon as their bedding (some of which was outside in the compost bin) warms up.


  1. Worm farming? Now that's unique. So do you sell the worms? And if so...for what? And you said their poop is worth its weight in gold? What is said poop used for? And how many worms are in a worm tower? Do you have to touch them? Sorry for all the questions, this just really seems

  2. Hi Alicia,

    I won't sell the worms. I'll use them to produce poop (and pee!), which is one of the best chemical free fertilizers available for gardens. I looked into buying it earlier, but I have enough gardens that the quantity I need would break the bank. So, this farm will be for my own use. In the very rare instance that I end up with too much fertilizer, I can share with local friends and family.

    Right now have about a half a pound of worms, but they're pretty young and small. The worms will grow and multiply. When the tower starts to get crowded, I'll pass some on. I belong to a group (from which my worms were donated) that is trying to promote urban sustainability, so I'm sure there will somebody new who will need them.