Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Random stuff

  • I need to post something to fill space, because anytime I come to this blog I see the post I made a while back about Cotton dying and have to leave.  So, I'm filling space here, and probably for another couple posts after that.  I need to get the news about Cotton "below the fold".
  • Things are starting to be OK again, but I still find myself crying all the time.  I've pretty much given up on wearing mascara because it doesn't matter how much I hope to go a whole day without crying; things keep cropping up.... having to pick up his ashes... having to tell the groomer that he was gone... getting sympathy cards in the mail... returning the canned food he never got around to eating... putting away his leash, crate, pillow, etc.  Another day, another crying jag.
  • I've always assumed that I'd get another standard poodle when it came time to add to the brood.  Now, I'm quite certain that I need a lap dog.  I'm not ready yet, but I know with complete certainty that when the time comes, my next dog will be small.  (And I suspect it'll be within a year or so.)
  • On a more positive note, life is carrying on.  Work is busier than ever, which is mostly good.  I'm still adjusting to and learning the ropes with the new job but I don't think I'm making too much of a mess of it.  
  • This week, I am interviewing contractors to have half of my basement finished.  I'm scared because of the track record in this house, but also very excited.  It'll be a basic "great" room, but for now I'm only going to furnish one corner that'll be my office.  Until then, it'll be a big empty room with lots of bookshelves -  and hopefully a hidden door.
  • Things with the boy (previously known as guy #2) are still going strong.  He's good for me.


  1. Janice.. hugs.
    Hmm good news about the boy!
    I don't think I will ever let another contractor in my house.

  2. When we lost Isis, I said I wanted another girl dog in the house within a year or so. A month passed and fate dropped the right female pup in the house.
    I can see wanting another lap dog....they fill a great need :)

    That's lovely news about the boy!