Saturday, June 15, 2013

Welcome Home

After a long day yesterday, I picked up Lewis and we drove home.  He cried for less than a minute before curling up and going to sleep.  He slept through a couple of big rain storms, and in me getting lost on an unintended detour.  After a couple of hours, he woke up and cried a little so I pulled over and took him out for a pee.  The gravel road where we stopped had too many sights and smells, though, and he was too distracted.  So, we loaded back into the car and came home without any complaints.

The Boy met me here, so that I could have a second set of hands while I introduced Lewis and Winter for the first time.  I figured things would go fine, and they did.  After the initial few sniffs, Winter thundered up and down the room with Lewis in hot pursuit.  Winter could easily have jumped onto a couch or other furniture to get away, but mostly chose not to.

This morning, having a constant shadow and tail nipper might be getting a little bit old, because he's told Lewis off a few times.  Both are back at it within moments again anyway, though.

Surprisingly, Lewis slept through the entire night.  Again, he cried for a minute or so when I put him in the crate, but settled down quickly.  I thought he'd have me awake at least a few times, but I actually woke up before he did in the morning.

Tallulah comes home to meet him in a few hours.  I am not at all worried about her being aggressive towards him, but considering his size, I am a little worried she'll overwhelm him with bounce.  We'll see.  She's used to having a small dog around (just not quite this small).

I am no cinematographer, but here's a sample of the cute:

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  1. Oh so sweet! Home sweet home. How cool is that, Winter really wanted to play with Lewis. I hadn't expected that right away. Wonderful. So happy for you Janice. Those 12 seconds weren't long enough but I will take them and thank you for sharing.. :)