Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What I've been up to

    • Alberta flooded last week... More specifically, southern Alberta flooded... As in, a natural disaster that has displaced thousands of people.  It's still dry here, Wherthefurflies, thank goodness. Calgary was not nearly as lucky.
      • Data centers lost power, hospitals closed.  Work has gone insane to deal with it all, but it is hard to complain when you think of those impacted more directly.
    • My friend Jen and I have been jogging three times a week for about a month.  She makes me go twice as fast as I usually do, which I think is mean, but I suppose is good for me.  
    • A few weeks ago, I spent a stressful week in Calgary (before the flood) taking a class in preparation for an exam that generally has a high failure rate.   I hate school - always have - but I am happy to say I got my results and I passed.  90% thankyouverymuch.
    • The boy and I went to the market on Saturday, because I'd heard that a local farm had fresh strawberries ready for sale.  We bought a basket, which caused me to ooh and aah they were so good.  Today, I went out to my yard and picked the first few strawberries from the garden.  They were even better.
    • And, I have been occupied with my puppy.  He's trouble, but I already love him to bits.  So do Tallulah and Winter.
      • Exhibit A  (the warm up)

      • Exhibit B (the main event, which is very closely supervised)

        • Then, every once in a while with no warning, this happens, and I think it’ll all work out.


    1. Aww those videos make me smile Janice. Winter and Lewis.. ♥ Tah-lu-lah-lu is being so careful! Very sweet.

    2. Loved the videos - she is a cute little fuzz ball. Glad everyone is getting along so well :-)