Tuesday, December 3, 2013


We've got a little bit of snow around here.  After a record snow fall in November (60cm), a snow storm blew in on the weekend and dumped on us until this morning.

The city has declared a "snow emergency" where they are doing a blitz snow removal.  Ploughs are running 24/7 and going street by street.  No signs are going up; residents are expected to listen to the radio and watch the website to know when their area will be cleared.  If cars are in the way they will be ploughed around, and their owners then have to dig themselves out.  Ditto for driveways - windrows are being left on either side of the road, with home owners being responsible to clear a path in and out of their driveways.

This may sound extreme, but since I've seen at least five vehicles stuck on the corner in front of the house, I think it's required.

Yep, the drift is higher than my waist.  It was a hoot and a half to shovel out.

I *always* park in the garage.  
This week, I'm parked on the driveway so that tilers have room to cut tiles in the garage.  That drift around it doesn't look too high, but it was 18" tall yesterday.  After a night of high winds and even more snow, it's over 2'.  With a windrow at the end.

Have I mentioned that I gave away my snow blower last year?


  1. Don't hit me......... it sure is pretty though.. :) We have 3 inches coming tomorrow, little more on Friday and more on Sunday. Nothing like what you have but it is going to be COLD! I can't believe you gave up your snow blower.

  2. I am not ready for winter this year. In fact, the temp is supposed to reach 66 today and I want to use the day to take in the oak leaves scattered about. The sucker-upper also grinds the leaves into pieces so they decay faster. So we will put them where the dog runs so he doesn't come in with muddy feet.