Monday, March 28, 2011

11 pounds

I was hesitant to say this, because I was afraid it would be temporary.  It's been almost a month, though, and so far it's holding true.

I lost 11 pounds of fluid in the days following my surgery, most of that from my feet.

Yesterday, a friend and I celebrated the return of my feet tendons by going out for a mani/peti.

I let the lady who did my nails pick the colours and pattern.  I don't know what that thing is on my big toes... not really all that fond of it either.  But my feet aren't swollen, so I don't care.


  1. That is fantastic!!!
    Yay for normal feet :D

  2. I got a pedi yesterday too!! Yay for pretty, non-bloated toes!

  3. I am doing the Happy Dance that the swelling in your feet is gone. Shhhh, I don't want to jinx it. Very pretty feet and toe paint!

  4. Yay for non-swelly feet! I know that must feel good. Your toes are pretty. I always have them put something pretty on my big toes. usually a daisy or something.

  5. 11 lbs of fluid - that is remarkable and yay for regular feet again. I hope you are feeling super fabulous!

  6. Those look like seriously happy feet even with the big toe thing.