Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The ottoman

Before my surgery, I set about to make an ottoman.  My favorite chair is a recliner, and I didn't think I'd be able to get it in and out of the reclining position.  As usual, I bit off a little more than I'd planned.  I ended up going into the hospital with the pieces cut out and planned.... even partially stained... but not put together.  Lucky for me, my ever cool dad stepped in while I was away and put it together enough that I could still use it until I get it finished.

Never having made an ottoman before, I wasn't sure how to go about making it sturdy.  If I made it too narrow, it would tip.  If the legs weren't attached tightly, it'd wobble.  Since this was supposed to be a cheap and quick project, I was also limited to the scrap wood that I had in the basement.  So, I ended up making it about 20' by 32'.  I bought the legs, and used plywood and 2x3 scraps to make the frame from two rings under the base.

The inner ring holds the legs in place under the seat.  The outer one will slide up outside of the legs, but underneath the seat to hold everything tight, hide the edges of the upholstery and hold the trim I just had to have.

The reason why my dad didn't finish it for me is because I'd already decided that I don't like the stain that I originally picked out.  It's too flat, and a little too black.  So, he went as far as he could go without having to take it apart to make it right.  I'm waiting for the go ahead to start working on projects like this before I restain it and finish putting it together.   In the meantime, thanks to my dad, it'll do for now.  It's actually more comfortable than the recliner is alone; but it doesn't look very good.   It's very clearly not finished, and won't be done for a while.

That's not the point, though.

The point today is that, finished or not, Tallulah thinks this ottoman fits her to a T.

(Pardon the mess in the background.  Everything was piled on the rug because my mom was washing the floor.)


  1. That Pup knows a good thing when she sees it! I love a little stool or ottoman to prop my feet on when I am in a chair, not with legs stretched straight out but with knees bent and up to prop a book or puter on!

  2. I'm with you, RR. That's the most comfortable position I've been able to find since the surgery- I need to be able to put my legs up without having to lean way back.

  3. Tallulah is the seal of approval in your house for sure.

  4. Tallulah looks quite regal upon her throne. What? Not hers? I'm not going to be the one to tell her.

    How did it go at the vet with Winter?

    Yay for dads!