Friday, January 4, 2013

Another Decision

After much angst about getting rid of furniture that I like to make room for a desk in a place that I don't really want to work, I've decided to build a room in my basement.  It's a room that I have always intended to build, someday down the road.  In my mind, I've been so stuck on "down the road" that I it never occurred to me that maybe the time is now.  I have been trying to figure out where to set myself up to work, and it just occurred to me that I've been putting a lot of effort and planning a lot of money for something that would be temporary at best if I do it upstairs.  I work at home now, so now is probably the time to build the proper space.

I had planned to complete the entire basement at once, but maybe it'll be easier to do it one room at a time.  This room will be fairly large... eventually, it'll be a tv room/games room/office/library type room.  I'll start the walls, ceiling and the floor, as well as the desk portion and maybe some bookshelves.  The rest can follow as funds are available.

A friend of mine's husband is a contractor, and has recently set out to work on his own.  He did their house, and seemed to do a good job.  I will also plan to do as much of the work myself as I can to save money.  If I can, I'd like to have this done in the summer.

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