Monday, November 28, 2016

Colour Changes

I'm learning about the poodle colour thing as I go here.  I can hardly picture her as a light dog, but I'm told that's what she'll become in the next year or so.  She's my third standard poodle, but my first two were black or blue.  (Tallulah was blue... which I didn't even know while she was alive.  Blue poodles get white/grey hairs mixed in with her black hair at about 3 years old... too young for it to be a reflection of their age, but they definitely have a sprinkle of grey worked into their black.)

Gemma is a silver standard poodle; a poodle that's born black but lightens up in their first year or two.  She's expected to be a platinum silver girl, which is the term used to describe a very light silver dog... hard to believe, considering how dark she is today.

I'd pay a lot of money to roll out of bed and have a head of hair that looks that good.  
Somehow, I've never managed to make my curls work for me.  They always seem to want to fight me.

And here's why they're called "silver" instead of just grey... they glow.

This is the poof around her ankle, which appears to be changing first.  
Right now, it looks medium-dark grey from the outside, but if you dig down to the skin it's getting a lot lighter.

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