Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bathroom faux pas

Today was apparently the day for inappropriate behaviour in the washroom at work.

The first time I went in, nobody else was there.  I had my choice of twelve stalls, and took one in the center.   Moments later, somebody else came in.  For reasons known only to her, she selected a stall right beside mine.  It was like an inappropriate invasion of my personal space.

Later on, I went into the washroom to find that there was somebody else using the facilites who had opted not to close her stall door.    Although it didn't register until later, I could hear peeing when I walked in.  The peeing stopped, and the door closed.  Then the peeing resumed.  Who doesn't close the stall door in a public washroom?!?

Finally, I went in again. (Hey - I'm on diuretics.)  There was a lady in a stall, presumably sitting on the pot, and talking on her cell.  Not - "I can't talk now, will call you back" - she was having a conversation  with somebody about the road conditions, and continued talking the entire time I was in there.    I'm not a fan of people talking while inside of the bathroom stall, but I think talking on the phone is even worse.  There really are times when it's inappropriate to talk on the phone, folks!  Does the person on the other end know where they are and what they're doing?  I was feeling a bit ornery by then, so I flushed twice to let them know.

Come to think of it, I should have gone into the stall beside hers and flushed that one too.

PS...  The cat?  Still contemplating the closet.


  1. It DRIVES me when people come into the stall next to me when there are 50 million other options. Just seems rude. Definitely a personal space violation.

    can't even wrap my head around the not closing the stall door... wtf..

  2. Hate, hate, hate public restrooms. I will do just about anything to get back home when I gotta go. Ick.

    Just like parking out on a parking lot with a gazillion parking places and when I come back out to the car someone is right there huggin my door. Befuddlement.

  3. Had to giggle at the inappropriateness going on in your restroom.