Sunday, December 19, 2010

He's old.

After a busy evening of yanking the cat out of the closet, I decided to put up the Christmas tree a few days ago.  Winter got in the way helped.

I shlepped the big bag containing the tree upstairs,  opened it to see if the base was in there too, and then I went downstairs to get something else.  By the time I'd come back up, Himself had climbed inside the bag and settled in.

Later on, as I unwrapped the ornaments to put on the tree, I put the paper on the mantle in a (fairly) organized pile.  Since I'd disturbed him by removing the tree parts from the bag, Winter shifted over to the mantle and made himself a nest.  That may have perhaps been a little less helpful... as were the kitty swats and nips when I reached in to get more ornaments.

I didn't throw any papers on the floor.

Winter is 11 years old now.  He's only the third cat that I've had to live this long.  I was a teenager when I had the other two, and they were indoor/outdoor cats (which I suspect helped expedite their aging process).  By the time that they turned 10, they were most definitely old.  They'd slowed down a lot and they were kind of cranky.  Most of all, though, they stopped showing any desire to play long before they turned 10.  Both were gone before they turned 13.

I really hope that his playfulness is a sign that he's going to live a lot longer than that.


  1. George, who was the mayor of the cul de sac when we lived in the valley (and was a doppelganger for Winter) made the move up here with us and was 22 when he finally realized he wasn't really the energizer bunny. Fat, who died last week, was 17. Cocoa was the youngest, at 14. P.I.T.A is 18 or 19 years and just now slowing down. Most of my cats have lived well in to their 20's. Winter looks healthy and beautiful. I see a long 9 lives for him.

  2. Tulip is 11 too and she thinks her white "shoes" would look really good next to Winter.

  3. Winter is still a baby! He will be helping you with the tree for many years! Don't those kittehs just love to work, they love a job.

  4. My cat, Bert, is 12. He is still the cranky cat that he has been his whole life! The pictures are so cute! My cat Lizzy is the same way! If I get out a suitcase and leave it unattended, I will find her laying on it!

  5. 10? He's young yet, sure! :)
    (my 20 year old just let out a sigh... ;D )

    and, yes, keeping a cat indoors only does improve life expentancy :D

    (and, for the record, my 20 year old still has scattered moments of playfulness... but mostly he uses his energy to kick ass when the young whippersnippers get unruly.)