Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Randomosity - the pre-Christmas version

  • I was at the post office yesterday.  I stood on one side of the island-style counter, and put the stamps on my cards.  The slot to drop the cards was on the other side of the island, but blocked by a slow-moving line of people waiting for service.  There was a young kid in the lineup across from me, staring at me and making me uncomfortable.  I pushed the stamped cards over to him, and asked him to put them in the slot.  He did.  After that, he picked up each card as I put the stamps on it and put it in the slot.  We worked together like that for a few minutes... long enough that the line moved quite a bit forward, but he stayed with me.  I thanked him when I was done.  His mom thanked me for keeping him busy.  It occurred to me then that I've officially become one of those people who talk to strangers and their kids when I'm out in the stores.  People like that used to drive me nuts.
  • Another group of people who drive me a little bonkers are people who put sparkles or confetti in their Christmas cards.  I guess I understand the idea of being festive; but they make a huge mess.  This year, I bought cards that are winter landscapes, with sparkles in the snowy parts.  I didn't think it through very carefully... really, I thought the sparkles were attached to the cards; I was just happy to find cards that I didn't hate.  I was in the third store that I'd looked in, so I picked them up and ran.  Needless to say, sparkles are everywhere.  For those of you who may receive a card from me, I apologize in advance.
  • After living with it for a few weeks, and fluctuating back and forth a few times, I've decided that the chaise can't stay.  Not only can it not stay, it had to be out of the living room asap, to make room for the Christmas tree.  I hear that my aunt would like the chaise, but I can't pass it on to her right away.  If I talk to her before Christmas, I'll have to come up with an excuse for not wanting to spend the holidays with her humongous, extremely chaotic family...  Other than 'your family is humongous and chaotic'.  Which, for the record, is not always a bad thing.  It's just that I'm very much looking forward to a quiet, non-chaotic Christmas this year.    So the chaise is wedged into my office until the new year.  The room is now packed to the gills, and himself thinks he's got a new launching pad into the closet.  

  • The closet door is still missing because I still can't bring myself to spend $400+ on one that would match the other doors in the house.  Then again, if I have to yank the cat out of there many more times (note the dark coloured coats that contrast beautifully with white cate hair)  I might be shelling out for a new matching closet door fairly soon.


    1. Winter loves him some "high up" places! I see just where he is thinking to take a long Winter's nap.

    2. I couldn't help but giggle at the picture of the snowy white cat contemplating how many ebony coats he can hit on his way to the top of the closet. Heee!

    3. I don't tend to talk to strangers in public... but I kind of like it when strangers talk to me. Sometimes. (and, the few times I've felt moved to make a comment to a stranger, long term friendships were born...).
      ... but i can't deal with children ... even unstranger ones make me uncomfortable and unable to speak :S

      also. i love sparkles.

    4. I'm anti confetti in cards too!!!