Monday, August 23, 2010

Sticker Shock, Withdrawal and Cake

Over the last few years, I've taken down all of the mirrored closet doors in my house.  Most have been replaced with pine doors, but there is one small closet that needs a bi-fold door.  I wasn't able to find a bi-fold that matches the other doors in the house at the Mecca (AKA Home Depot) so today I started a search at the other home reno type stores.  At my first stop, I found a very nice lady who said that she could order what I needed in, if I'd be willing to wait 6-8 weeks.  The only catch was the price.  

The doors that I've already installed in the closets were $80 each, and bi-folds are smaller.  I was hoping that I might be able to get one for $60, maybe $75 because it needs to be special ordered.  Turns out, I was a wee bit off.  For a knotty pine bi-fold door, they wanted... wait for it.....  $360.  For a clear pine (no knots - this is what my other doors are made of) bi-fold door, the price came in at a cool $420.

For a closet door!

I guess I'll keep shopping around and looking for other options.  In the meantime, a shower curtain and rod is sounding pretty good.

The no caffeine, no aspartame efforts continue.  The withdrawal symptoms are gone, but I'm still battling a 20 year habit.  I miss pop but I am feeling better.  Saturday was the first day in a really long time that there was no swelling in my feet or ankles.  I celebrated this by wearing a pair of shoes that I'd bought a few months ago and hadn't ever been able to fit into.  I wore them to walk the dogs... maybe about 10 blocks.  They felt fine, but there were some serious blisters when I got home.  Now, the swelling in my feet is (mostly) gone; but I still can't wear shoes until the blisters heal.   It's like showing a kid candy, and telling them they can't have it.

I brought a cake into work today.  I'd made a number of substitutions and guessed at a few quantities in the recipe, so I wasn't feeling entirely confident about it.   I asked two of the guys to do a taste test before I put it out for the masses.  They've both eaten my successful baking efforts many times in the past, so they know my cooking.  I didn't think they'd mind - I kind of feel like they owe me - but one of them (let's call him Bob) refused.  When the other said it was OK rather noncommittally,  I took the chance and put the cake in the kitchen.  I also left a sign that said that if the cake was awful, Bob made it.   When he found the sign a few hours later, he threatened libel.  

I should note here that the cake is gone, and that many other reports came in that it was good.


  1. I'm happy that the withdrawl symptoms are over but a habit no matter how long practiced is hard to give up. I'm hoping this new habit sticks.

  2. Oh my goodness, that's expensive. As far as caffeine, I totally can't give it up, so I take my hat off to you!