Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Brain Dump

  • I'm doing my regular job this week, plus covering for two others.  Today another coworker called in sick.   My brain is fried.
  • The more I get to know my new neighbour, the more I like him.  Although, I'm worried that if I say that anymore, he'll think I'm putting the moves on him.  He's the perfect combination of friendly and mind-your-own-business.  Plus, he's landscaping his yard and removing the half-done rental suite in his basement.  I hope he stays for a long, long time.
  • I gave myself a homemade pedicure today, which involved using my Dremel.  I discovered this method when I started using the Dremel to file Tula's toenails.  I was worried that I might hurt her if I went too short, so I tried it on myself.  I discovered that not only does it not hurt, it works like a hot damn to get rid of calluses.
  • Speaking of feet, I have had an ongoing problem with swelling in mine for a while.  I don't want to bore you with all the details, but suffice to say that any and all shoes are painful.  The good news is that a week ago, my dad may have hit upon a solution. I'm already seeing improvement, and I'm starting to hope that I will once again be able to fit them into these beauties, which I haven't been able to wear in almost a year.

Hey, I'm a child of the 80's.  I can't help that pointed toes and skinny heels call my name.
  • With work being crazy and it being gardening season, I had to sweep a small area of the floor clean to take that picture.  I blame the dogs for the mess.  They wander as they eat, and they leave kibble crumbs everywhere.  I'm considering investing in a roomba.  Or a food-oriented dog.
  • The solution that my dad may have found is a report that says aspartame can cause excess fluid buildup in some people.    I wasn't convinced but decided to give it a shot.  I'm a week in, and the change is quite drastic.  
  • However, I'm really, really sick of water.  If you don't drink pop, coffee, tea or alcohol, there really aren't many options.  I know water's healthy, but it's boring as all heck. 


  1. Oh I hope the solution is not having aspartame and you can wear those boots again, they deserve to be worn.

  2. I drank a 6 pack of "Tab" diet soda a day in college, gave it up and lost pounds and pounds! All the while drinking beers and beers and beers! Water, water, water. One more week and you won't even believe you ever drank that chemical crap!

  3. Janice I am so happy to hear that the swelling is better! Wonderful that your Dad thought about the aspartame. I drink my water, and I drink alot of water with just a little lemon squeezed in it. Just enough of a flavorful fresh taste!

  4. I hope you get some help at work soon!

  5. I drink water 90% of the time; it's not so bad once you get in the habit. And I refuse to consume aspartame aside from sugarfree gum. Hope you are feeling better w/o it. Your neighbor certain appears to be "move worthy" - don't rule it out just yet :D