Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spare Beds

I don't have company very often, but I love it when I do.  I like to make guest feel welcome and comfortable, but I don't always have a place to put them.

I've currently got two queen beds: the one in my room, and the one in the spare room.  Since my guests tend to come in families of four or as multiple singletons, it seems like I always end up short a bed.  While I don't mind asking kids to rough it, I have a personal rule about asking anybody over 30 to ride the couch or sleep on the floor.  What that usually means is that I end up sleeping on the 20 year old futon that put my sister and I through university and has seen better days.   It's rock hard, and nobody over 10 can get any sense of good sleep while using it.

So, I've been thinking of getting something for my computer room, which is too small for anything larger than a twin.  (Not including the nooks and crannies, it's 7 1/2' by 9 1/2'.)  In a perfect world, I'd find a daybed that could be tarted up to look like a sofa of sorts.  If I had the money, I'd go with this:

Considering that I don't usually have company more often than a couple of nights a few times a year, do you think that'd be crazy?

Somehow, the idea of a new futon or a blow up bed just doesn't compare.


  1. That is so beautiful! Go for it! Good sleep is important especially when company's over!

  2. If you bought that tarted up thing I'd visit every three months.

  3. Ooooo, I think that would look beautiful in your home!

    I also think the three furry yahoos would enjoy this purchase much more that anyBODY else.

  4. I love the sofa-wannabe, but I'd seriously go with a blow up that could be deflated and put away between guests. In fact that IS what I have in my spare room right now. The room that is my grandson's, which he has never slept in.

  5. I'd save the money and go with the blow up. We've got some big ones that we use for camping and at times when they don't have holes in them, they are allegedly quite comfy (according to the boys - I've not gone camping in a while -yay!)