Sunday, November 21, 2010

The chaise that nobody wants

The parents sold their house last week.  They have to be out before the end of next week, and they've got a LOT of stuff.  I wasn't very keen on the original idea that they'd throw out what they don't want, so we made a deal that I'd take what I could.  I'll keep what I want, donate some to local charities or people I know and sell the rest at a garage sale next spring.

I didn't know what I signed up for.

My garage is full.  My side yard is full.  My basement is full.  The new house rule is that anybody who walks past the basement stairs has to carry a minimum of one box downstairs.

It's amazing what people will keep.

... which brings me to this:

My mom bought this chaise at an antiques auction some 15-20 years ago and reupholstered it.    She gave it to my sister, who moved it about her house for a while and then stored it in her basement because it didn't really go with the rest of her decor.  Eventually, it ended up back at my parents' place, where is was stored and not used for the next 10 years.

Now I'm trying to find room for it.  

Apparently, Tallulah votes for this position.

I think...  I'm not going to keep it.    I feel a little bit bad, because my mom worked hard on it.  But, it doesn't really go with the stuff I've got now; and it won't fit with the look that I've got in mind for down the road.  I might end up storing it until I finish the basement, but I suspect that it'll be going to a new (and hopefully final) home soon.


  1. Hmm, try it where the couch is and the couch where Tallulah likes it. The bolster would be in the perfect place for watching tv.

  2. Okay, that little mouse thing on the floor was freaking me out so bad I couldn't pay attention.

    I'm sure there is someone out there who would love to have the chaise. It's a shame we can't hang on to everything. (I say this as I get ready for a big, before-we-move purge)

  3. Linlah, I thought of that layout, but the scale's not quite right. The chaise is a little narrow and low to hold the only wall in the room.

    Dawn, that's José, Tallulah's pet rat. She brings him everywhere with her. And, while he may be stuffed, I've learned the hard way that once you let rats into a home, there's no getting rid of them.

  4. you gotta keep it !!! I think it would be awesome for an afternoon nap. it is kinda funky!

  5. lol on the mouse in the floor. Hope you get the "stuff" all worked out. it is fun to decorate but sometimes you just get "stuck". I like your blog. I am doing a bit of blog hopping tonight and looking at friends blogs and came upon yours. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I don't think that you post title fits this post. Someone does want it.... Tallulah wants it! I do hope you get it all worked out.