Thursday, November 4, 2010

Five rugs

The floor in my office/computer room is hardwood, and my rolling office chair has slowly been leaving its mark.  I've gotten rid of the chair  and use a kitchen chair now - which has done wonders for my back - but I need to cover up the damage that's been left behind.

So, I decided that I'd get a rug.  At first, I wanted contemporary.  I wanted one solid (darker) colour rug, with a single, contrasting flower on it.  I even found exactly what I wanted,  costing a cool $1000.

Thinking that surely I could find something almost as good at a more reasonable price, I set about on a mission.  Since then, I have bought and returned 5 rugs.

I started with one that was too flimsy.  It wrinkled and gathered against anything that moved around it.  It went back the next day.  Then I found a really cool rug that was dark brown with a single, red flower across it.  Beautiful, and even better it was made of recycled materials.  Unfortunately, it had the texture of walking across sand paper.  It went back too.  In my third attempt, I got home to discover that the picture on the package and the pattern on the rug were completely different.  The forth was a little too small, and a little too pink.

And then the angels sang.  I went to Costco to renew my membership - and NOT buy anything - and somebody in front of me was returning a rug.  That one was the wrong colour, but was enough to convince me to investigate further.  I ended up finding the perfect rug in a style I didn't know I was looking for.  It's shag.  It's the exact opposite of what I wanted; but it's the perfect size, the perfect colour and the softest rug I've ever felt.

It's also currently rolled up in the corner of the room.  If I'm feeling ambitious tomorrow, I'll empty the room so that I can lay it out for pictures.  And hopefully to keep.  Because I don't want to return any more rugs.


  1. Can't wait to see and hoping, with fingers crossed, it's a kkeper.

  2. My fingers are crossed, too. But really, how can you go wrong at Costco??

  3. I am wanting to see too! You know, I wanted hardwoods all my married living in our own house life and now that I have them, they kind of drive me nuts. The dust. I have my spray and hardwood swiper out all the time and everytime I have a damp rag I am wiping up dust. It was better when I had carpeting and could ignore the dust. Just vacuum and forget it.

  4. The carpet remains in a roll in the corner. I have something in mind for the room that might take a bit to put together.

    RR, I'm a big fan of hardwood, and would never go back to wall-to-wall carpet. While the dirt and dust (cat hair!) is more apparent with hard wood, at least you know that if it looks clean, it is clean. I'll never have carpet that can't be rolled up periodically and given a good cleaning underneath.