Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Randomosity

  • My dad came over on Halloween to put my Christmas lights up while it's still warm.  He does this every year because I have bad balance and he doesn't want me on the ladder.  Then he comes back in the spring and takes them down.  He's a great dad.  Except, now that he's been here, I've decided that I'd rather have a mix of purple and red lights, instead of just the reds he put up.  I wonder if he'd notice if I had a friend come over to spot me while I put up the purple lights too.
  • My Dell computer finally bought the farm, after languishing painfully for four years.  It was five years old.  I regretted not buying an Apple from the day that I brought it home - not just because it never worked very well, but because I really wanted the Apple - so I bit the bullet.  This blog entry comes to you via my new (refurbished, to save money) iMac.
  • There's a fair bit of adjustment necessary to figuring out the operating system and new key strokes.  I miss right clicking, but figure that any pain is self-imposed.  The whole transition would probably go smoother if I watched the instructional video that came with it.
  • I had a presentation today at work, during which I was supposed to introduce a new process and software that I've been working on for about six months.  Ten minutes before the presentation, somebody else made a change to the software, and blew it all away.   What a gong show.  I spent the remainder of the day contemplating a job at a florist shop.
  • Himself has spent the last three days rotating between the empty Halloween candy boxes.  Halloween only comes in second to Christmas, as far as he's concerned.  It's all about the boxes for him.
  • Now that I have a new-to-me wireless computer that doesn't involve a tower or other desk clutter-er, I've decided to redo my front office.  No paint or new furniture - just a reorg of massive proportions.


  1. Re-org is always a good thing, and it feels so new.

    Go for the purple but with a spotter.

  2. Hey You! We just came in from under the Oaks and a Fall fire and all is good! Purple and red lights sound very nice. Don't hate me but I love blue and white out here in the country! I just zoomed here!

  3. Oh nooooos - I totally feel for you about the presentation :-( I'm confused now that I re-read it though - blew it all away as in destroyed all the coding you did or made a suggested change that was way better than what you had prepared. Congrats on the new mac!! No right clicking? I would not know what to do. BTW, the site pulled up just fine via googling. I think it has something to do with the email link.