Monday, November 29, 2010

Say... questions

  • Why, back in the 90's, did somebody not warn me about my love for all things Celine Dion?  Why didn't they tell me that my tastes would change, and that 10-15 years down the road when I had the hair brained idea to upload all songs from all of my cd's onto my computer, that I'd get bloody sick of Celine Dion music? Celine Dion in English.  Celine Dion in French.  Celine Dion Christmas music.  I'm just uploading these things - I'm not listening - but Baby Jesus of Bethlehem, there's a lot of Celine Dion.  
(Note to self.  Cut back on Sugarland CDs before history repeats itself.)

  • Say you belong to the community association, which meets once a month and discusses activities or events for the community.  Say one of the members - who just finished requesting that there be some events that aren't family (child) oriented because some people choose not to have children - offers to host the next meeting at her house.  Say you suggest that the next meeting be a pot luck, and more of a party than a meeting and the host agrees.  Say you ask if spouses are invited and the host agrees.  Say you ask if your children (toddlers) are invited - knowing that you're the only person in the group with children - and the host very reluctantly agrees... making it known without saying the words that she'd rather not host children.  "The house isn't child proof."  "The stairs to the basement are open and can't be blocked."  "The dog is aggressive towards children."  Say the ONLY limit that the host sets is that she'd rather do this on a weekend than a week night.  Say all that.... how much alcohol would you have to drink before you sent a broadcast email to the whole group reminding them that the Potluck dinner was coming up - that families are welcome - but wouldn't everybody else rather do this on a weeknight instead of a weekend???  
  • Say you're brand spanking new to a team at work.  So new, that technically you haven't switched roles yet, but you're trying to cover both positions while you transition to the new team.  You hardly know anybody on the new team; but you're invited to their pot luck lunch, and requested to bring a "regift" gift... something that you have at home and don't want.  The sillier the better.  Would you say that this particular gift makes too strong of a statement?

  • Say you're the host from two questions up.  Would it be inappropriate to put laxatives in the maggots?  


  1. Having been a hostess, such as the one above, I am not shy to say it is an adult event. Sometimes grownups need to be with grownups. As the hostess, I would decide which day to host the party. I'm not shy about that, either.

    Totally take the potty putter!

  2. I think the potty putter should be saved for a hostess gift at a community association pot luck meeting.

  3. hmmmm...somebody needs to say no. In lieu of that go with the maggots.

  4. Oh yes take the putter, you want to make a good first impression.