Monday, February 27, 2012

All About Cotton

I've noticed lately that a lot of my blog traffic is coming via searches for Cotton Dogs.  Granted, My Cotton is a Maltese and not a Coton de Tuléar (the breed that I suspect people are looking for), but that doesn't mean that that he doesn't have a following, all of his own.

Here's proof, in the form a screen shot that I grabbed from my blog stats:

So, if you want to know all about Cotton Dog, here's the pertinent information:

  • Being cute is his thing.  Some dogs have jobs or specific skills.  Cotton gets by on his looks alone.

  • His head is perfectly round, and fits exactly into the palm of my hand.  It's made for scratching, which is strongly encouraged.  You know you're getting the scratches right when Cotton smacks his lips.  
  • Frozen peas are his favourite food.  Steamed broccoli comes in as a close second.
  • Cotton likes to run.  Lately, he doesn't get much further than a lap or two around the easy chair, but he does it every night before we go for our walk.
  • He's a fair weather dog and does not go on leash between November and May.  Instead, he's carried around in his sling.  
Lately he's been known to multitask, and work in a nap during walks when he can..
  • Cotton's cognitive functions may not be running at full capacity anymore, but we love him anyway.  Even if he is a stoner.

  • He's the bestest little white dog in the world.


  1. Oh sweet old man Cotton!! We love you!

  2. Janice this is such a sweet post! :)
    Cotton IS the "bestest" little white dog in the world. Absolutely no doubt about it.
    I have always loved that top photo but the one of his snoozing white self in the sling is so sweet.

  3. I am stunned. I've never seen such a cutiepatootypie. PLEASE give him a kiss for me.

  4. I do believe I am in love with the cute little Cotton dog!!