Monday, February 20, 2012

Observations and such

  • I went out for dinner at a restaurant with friends on Saturday.  I made a crack to one friend about her not ordering the seafood platter special, unless she sits at another table.  (They're all aware of my allergies.)  The waitress overheard, and came back later to confirm what, exactly, I am allergic to.  Then she came back again because the chef wanted to know if I had my epi-pen with me.  I'm glad I did, because if I didn't, I got the distinct impression that they would have asked me to leave.

  • I don't understand why basic cheeses like mozza, cheddar and american cheese is stored in the dairy section of grocery stores, and other cheeses are stored in the deli section.  I never manage to remember which cheeses are stored where, and end up running back and forth - because dairy is always on one side of the store and the deli is always way the heck on the other side.   I think I walked a good 5km this morning, while looking for ricotta. 

  • My neighbourhood is full of lemmings.  Any (every) time that I go outside to shovel, even if I'm the only person outside on the whole block, it takes less than 5 minutes before one of my neighbours comes out to shovel their walk too.  Then another one comes out and then another.  I do the same thing too - I don't want to be the only one with the uncleared sidewalk, so I generally get out there myself whenever I hear one of my neighbours shovelling.  

  • My most recent submission for insurance included a large wardrobe to replace a medium sized wardrobe and a smaller storage container on wheels.  I explained in my email that I'd purchased one item to replace the two that had been lost.  I made note of it in the spreadsheet that I filled out for them.  They just contacted me to say that my cheque was in the mail - they only refunded me for the price of the medium wardrobe and ignored the cost of the smaller container.  In my experience, neither communication nor attention to detail are requirements to work as an insurance adjuster.  


  1. I hear ya on the multiple cheese locations at the food stores.

    You don't even want to get me started on insurance companies.

  2. Ricotta/cottage cheese/sour cream = dairy section! That is the mantra in my head when I am looking for any of those three, because they all sit next to each other. I agree about sending half the cheese (the GOOD) to the other side of the store. I hate that.

    I cringe for you every time I hear another of your insurance stories. I hope it will be over for you someday. And that you retain your sanity, because I'm pretty sure I would have gone postal by now. You are way stronger than I am!

  3. The sorting of cheeses in the grocery store baffles me..and angers me...