Monday, February 6, 2012

For lack of anything else to say...

There's been a lot of Blogging Blockage lately.  I think its safe to say I'm not the only one, because blog traffic seems to be at an all time low lately.  In an effort to end all that from my direction anyway, I'm going to expose you to some teenage I'm too old for this sh!t angst.

A few weeks ago, I asked a guy out.  Kind of.   He's somebody that I've known for quite a few years.  He worked with some friends of mine about 10 years or so ago.  A group of us used to meet  occasionally for dinner back then, and have met a few times since to catch up.  I can't say that the two of us have ever been close, but we used to hang in the same circles and I've always thought he was the kind of guy that I could see myself with.  Plus, he kind of looks like a blond Chris Noth to me, and I can't say that I'd object to having my very own Mr Big.  (I'm going to shorten that to B to simplify things moving on.)

B and I have been friends on Facebook for a while.  We comment on each other's status, and support each other in our fitness goals but don't get into anything too personal.  I think he was surprised when I sent him a private message that said I'd be in Edmonton and wondered if he wanted to meet for lunch... but he said yes.

Tangent for an awkward, funny story...   Another friend of mine, also from the Edmonton area, was in town here with his family over New Years and we went for lunch.  He brought up B, and I casually mentioned that we had lunch plans coming up.  The other guy invited himself along!   
I managed to skirt that - promised that we'd organize a group dinner sometime soon but didn't give him any details.  I thought it worked because I found myself at the lunch without a chaperone... only to learn that he'd called B and tried to get an invite from him too.  Luckily, B also managed to come without a chaperone as well by also promising to arrange a group dinner soon too.

Lunch went well.  B picked the restaurant and was there when I arrived.  Food was good.  Conversation flowed - we were there for two and a half hours.  We laughed, we caught up and we talked easily.  The time flew.

As we got up to leave the restaurant, I sucked up my nerve and said that I'd had a great time and that we should do it again sometime.  He responded we a perfect Neanderthal-esq "HUH?"

This guy is smart and well spoken.  In the two and a half hours we'd been together, he hadn't had any difficulty hearing me.  If he had, I'm sure I'd have gotten a "sorry?  or at least a "pardon me?".  What I didn't expect was a "Huh?", like the idea of going out with me had never crossed his mind, and the thought of it shocked him.  So, I wimped out and I said "I had a great time today - thanks."

Then we left the restaurant, stood outside on the sidewalk for another 20 minutes talking and got ready to go our separate ways... but not before B said that if we wanted to do the group dinner, he'd be happy to organize things.  Sounds good.

'Cept he hasn't done anything.  I waited three weeks, before sending out a mass email about the group dinner.  We'll be going next week. B will be there.  I'm tempted to sit across from him and play footsies under the table, but I suspect that I'll forget all about it and pretend like our lunch never happened.


  1. Please don't pretend, go get him maybe he just needs a little shove or a footsie.

  2. The food was good! I been out of the dating thing waaaaaaaaaaaay too long Janice :) I thought I would just come by and say "hi"!

  3. Yep, boys are so thick!! Yes, accidentally on purpose play with his feet under the table. :)

  4. I agree. Not worth much more of your time. I've had one of those I'm too old for this sh*t moments, but with a college theme that I posted on FB and will need to blog about.

    You are correct that blog traffic is abysmal. Hardly makes it worth it, except for nice venting opportunities :D