Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blood Stains

Tallulah had a large cyst on her hip until it broke last night.  It bled right through my comforter before I discovered it, so I got to do a load of laundry at 10pm, and then sleep under a pile of old blankets.

Today, she kept licking and licking, so the blood kept oozing.  Everywhere she went, she left blood stains, so I had to cover everything with sheets.  I've done four loads of laundry today, including my comforter, which she bled on again, almost as soon as it was dry from last night's washing.

The cone of shame didn't work, so desperate times called for desperate measures.

Sure am glad I never got around to throwing out those granny panties that I bought for the surgery last year.


  1. That can offically be called the underwear of shame.

  2. Granny Panties! Ha! I remember them Janice! Too bad they weren't pink or purple. You know, more Tah-lu-lah-lu-lah like :) I hope it heals up quick! I think she is giving you the one eye stink eye.