Sunday, June 24, 2012

The New Back Garden...

... Is ready for plants now.  I started digging it in because I had 3 or 4 spare plants with no place to put them.  And, I wanted to attract birds, so I wanted a place to add a couple more trees.  I got the idea, drew it in and then dug out the outline in an afternoon.

It took two weeks, digging every single day.  Work is still insane, so some days I only had the energy for an hour or so.  And the ground is rock hard.  It's like digging cement, so I didn't make much progress at first.

Then, last weekend after we got a good soaking rain that softened it up a bit, I went out and dug the whole thing into big chunks.

I shook for the next four hours.

This week, I broke up the clumps of soil with my hands, put the soil in a pile and scraped about two inches of clay out from under what will be the garden before putting the soil back.   I've thrown out 10 full sized garbage cans of clay and sod.  The city workers who haul away yard waste probably don't like me much right now.

Yesterday I finished adding the edging and amending the soil with organics, so it was finally time to start planting.

Something was niggling at the back of my mind, so I double checked my real property report this morning.  That's when I remembered that the back 7 feet of my yard is technically a utility right of way.  I'm not allowed to build anything perminant there, except for the fence, and I'm not allowed to plant any trees.  So, now my job will to be go out and find some tall shrubs... maybe a columnar juniper if I can find one.

In the meantime, the front yard has been quietly blooming.  The poppies and the peony tree are putting on a show, which I've been so busy that I almost missed it.  That would have been a shame.


  1. Putting in a garden bed and landscaping can be hard work but you will bask in its beauty once finished. Happy gardening. So many choices too!

  2. That first photo reminds me of those strange, alien (maybe?) markings that appear in random corn fields in the midwest here in the U.S. Like Kevin Costner from "Field of Dreams" is going to drop down into the photo and say, "If you build it, the bushes will come."

  3. I am impressed! You must have arms of steel. I woulda stood there and cried! It looks good Janice even without the plantings and your poppies are sweet! I think that peony is happy... :)

  4. you are incredible with all that you do! love how you have it all laid out - hope you set up a lounge chair so you can chill out there when you get home from work.

  5. If you want a shopping buddy let me know!