Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Veggies for Breakfast

I've been tracking what I eat for almost a year now.  I've lost some weight... probably not as much as I'd have liked.   But I have been slowly giving up some bad habits.

For example, I've eaten a peanut butter and jam sandwich for breakfast for as long as I can remember.  Granted, I've given up the white bread and switched over to the multigrain, but I've stuck with the PB&J.

Come to realize, it's not really good for me.

Peanut Butter, smooth style, 2 tbsp1906168
Jams, preserves, jelly, 1 tbsp561400
Nature's blend flax with omega 2 slices, 1 serving23039510

                                                                                                                       (calories)            (carbs)             (fat)          (protein)

So, I went looking for an alternative, and fell upon this crustless quiche, which I made a while back and then quickly forgot about.  I switch up what veggies I put in it every week.  Last week was asparagus, this week it's got mushrooms and grated zucchini.    Next week, I might try buttermilk squash. Either way, it's filling, and it's much better for me.  Where my PB&J is a 1/3 of the calories that I allow myself in a day and about a half of the fat, this one (which I make with low fat cheese) comes in at 213 calories and 9 grams of fat.

That's more like it.

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