Sunday, June 3, 2012

So Jealous!

One of the biggest complaints about where I live is that there are very few birds.  I get the rare robin in my yard, and this year I've been thrilled to see a sparrow a few times, but the birds just don't hang around.

I've always thought it was because this is a new subdivision.  I figured that when the trees got bigger, the birds would come along.  I even asked the local nature conservatory what to do, and they said the same thing... let your trees grow, and they will come eventually.


I was just over visiting a neighbour.  He lives across the street and three houses down.  We're both avid gardeners, and today we did the "come see my yard" tours.    He yard is gorgeous, but more importantly, it's full of birds!  He's got sparrows, swallows, finch and robins.

The frustrating thing is, his yard is half the size of mine.  He's got fewer trees than I do, and they aren't very tall.  He is a little further from the corner than I am, but he thinks he's on a flight path.  Apparently, there's a few other yards behind his place that are popular with the birds too.

So, now I'm on a mission.   I checked out what kind of feeders he's using, and he showed me the brand of seed that's most popular in his yard.  I'm taking his suggestion of getting a bird bath, and I am going to do my darnest to get those dang birds into my yard.


  1. Good Morning Janice! I want you to have birds too because I know how much you love and appreciate them. Before I even got to the part where the neighbor suggested the birdbath I was already yelling birdbath! And a birdbath with a heater in the winter goes a long way to get birds hanging in your yard all year. I really think that birds gravitate to yards with water, especially if there is a bubbler at the bath. They need to feel safe to where the feeders and bath are set up. A big tree after the bath to fly up to and preen those feathers... :) We have three birdbaths all at varying heights and all shallow with a rock or two for the birdies to sit on or jump off of into the water. Black oil sunflower seeds and sunflowers hearts and lots of suet but I am sure you already know all this. Hope you are having a wonderful summer Janice. Thinking about you and your trip to Italy... :)