Wednesday, June 27, 2012

William Bit Me

I have a couple of rose bushes in the back yard that are called "William Baffin" roses.  They're beautiful, but after last year's non-winter, they needed to be cut back pretty hard.  I did that at the end of May, and getting stuck by a rose thorn is pretty much expected for jobs like that.  The only problem is, one spot where I was pricked by the the rose became infected.

I've been keeping it clean and figured it'd get better on it's own, but had to go to the Dr yesterday for a renewal on allergy meds.    My thumb caught his attention, and I got into trouble.

I'm on antibiotics and have been instructed to keep it wrapped and relatively immobile for the next week.

Who knew that gardening was so dangerous?


  1. Janice that sounds identical and I mean identical to a story I experienced except it was a cat bite. Went to the Dr. for something else, he looked down at my pointing finger and I was on antibiotics stat! Puncture wounds are nothing to ignore! Take care. I can't believe you did all that digging with that poor thumb infected!

  2. Once you bleed that's're ripe for all sorts of vile bacteria.

  3. Love the rockin' blue manicure!

  4. My husband and I have had several infected bites from our William. Tiniest little scratch and my knuckle is all swollen and sore. Miserable.