Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Clothing Quandary

He's taking me out to a fancy restaurant in Calgary for New Year's.  On the way, he wants to stop at a favourite provincial park of his, so that we can do some winter photography together.

Considering that we'll be hiking in the cold first, and then going out where we'll be expected to dress up, I don't know what to wear.  This is complicated by the fact that I currently own one fancy-ish blouse, and I wore it when we went out on our first date.  


  1. Wear whatever fancy-ish dress/outfit you would normally wear for a fancy restaurant and bring your snow boots with you in the car. Pull them on for the photo safari and then take switch them back to the fancy shoes in the car on the way to the restaurant. Easy peasy.

  2. Isn't a clean fleecy and newish jeans considered dressing up in Calgary? (:

  3. LOL, Patricia. Not unless you're a cowboy, which I very much am not. This place if pretty fancy, so I think sparkles and/or ruffles will be involved; neither of which seem appropriate for hiking up the side of a mountain. There are public washrooms at the park, so I'm going to have to bring a change of clothes, and do a wardrobe change there... it'll be cold, as they are rustic (no electricity, no heat).