Tuesday, December 11, 2012

General Thoughts

  • If you were like me - and since you're reading my blog I'm going to assume you are - most of your waking thoughts would be about your ailing dog.  You'd be worried that he's suffering, and also scared that his time would come too soon.  You'd tell your boss that you plan to completely lose all sense of dignity, stay home and weep for at least a week when it happens.  At the same time, you'd hope above all hope that there was a way to make him better. 

  • Along that lines, I made an appointment to get a second opinion with a new vet.  I've never seen this lady before, but I hear good things about her and would welcome a second opinion.  If she confirms what the first vet said, so be it.  At least I'll know for sure.

  • I went on a second date with the guy I wrote about earlier.  He's a nice guy, and he seems to like me.  He wants to go out again.  I haven't said yes, but I haven't said no.  He's just the kind of guy that I feel as though I should be looking for.  He's a "good" solid guy.  On paper, we have a lot of basic fundamentals in common.  Maybe too much.  I'm serious, a little shy and somewhat reserved.  He's serious, a little shy and somewhat reserved.  He worries about the environment (and lives accordingly), and believes in living within his means.  So do I.  Conversation flows easily, but it's serious.   He has not complimented me.  Nor has he touched me in anyway.  

  • On Thursday night, I'm going out to dinner with another guy.  He's pretty much the opposite.  Unlike the first guy who is an academic, this guy works in oil and gas.  He's talkative and open.  He likes video games and to tinker with all things mechanical.  He's from rural Manitoba.  (Maybe another generalization that requires a Canadian to understand.)  He already asked me to go to his company Christmas party with him... I declined.  He compliments me.  I don't agree with him, but he made me feel as though he was telling me the truth when he said he thinks I am pretty.  

  • Here's the thing: I want somebody who understands why I get so mad when I see big trucks idling in the parking lot.  I want somebody who will reach across the table and take my hand at a restaurant.  I want somebody who agrees that debt is bad, and who is willing to work with me to save towards my goal of retiring early and moving out to a little acreage and living in the boonies.  I want somebody to play scrabble with.  I want to belly laugh.  I don't know either guy well enough to say what they will and won't do, but going through the motions to get to know them is stressing me out.

  • If things progress to the point with either of them that they ever learn about this blog, I'm deleting this post.

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  1. Oh yeah, you can't tell them about the blog. And if either of them became The One, you actually could tell them about the blog, and this post, because it would be okay. Actually, telling them about the blog is actually a good litmus test of whether he's a keeper! Note that I haven't told any of my dates about it yet, so you know how my dating is going.
    P.S. Sending sympathetic healing thoughts to you about Cotton. Our pets don't live long enough, but they give us so much in their (relatively) short lives.