Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blog list

I seem to be on a streak. Over the last few days, I've added a flurry of new blogs to my recommended blogger list. Some got there for their cute kitty pictures. Others, because they seemed witty at the time. Mostly, I added them because it's a handy place to keep a list of blogs I want to check back on.

It makes me wonder, though... is there a protocol for such listings? Is it OK to suddenly link to a blog that you happened to come upon, for no other reason than it made you think or laugh? Should you introduce yourself to that blogger first? Is there a maximum number of blogs that you can list before you lose your credibility? If you change your mind down the road, is it rude to then remove blogs from your recommended list?

These are the sorts of things that keep me up at night, and why I will someday become an old hermit with a house full of cats.


  1. No. Yes, absolutely, fly by the seat of your pants(and you could too). I don't always do introductions. No, and I have some listed on my favorites cause I'm conflicted and not answering this one truthfully. Absolutely NOT. Don't you be kickin' my butt from your blog roll, you knew that was coming. But, seriously I lose some sleep too over the blog roll. My conflicted ambivalent state is about following. It befuddles me. When someone follows I feel like I need to act in some way. But I am clueless to following.

  2. I forgot the please part of don't be kickin' my butt from your blog roll.

  3. You'll never be an old hermit with a house full of cats because I bet you will always balance the felines out with good ole' canines!

  4. Janice I'm back, just ban me from here. I have comment issues too and lost sleep over the flying by the seat of your pants comment. You know I was talking about you be able to fly an airplane right? Oh man, short night, long day today.

  5. You're a hoot, Pix. Let me assure you that - even if you have comment issues - you will forever have a place on my blog roll.

    You're right, Zadge... I will always have dogs too. Since dogs have to be taken for walks, that might make being a hermit difficult. That doesn't rule me out from being the socially inept crazy animal lady, though.