Monday, November 23, 2009

I feel better now...

No, I don't feel healthier. In fact, lately I've felt pretty crappy. My anemia is off the charts, and my feet and ankles are reacting by doing a dang good imitation of a case of elephantiasis. Before this, I thought I was safe from swollen feet, until/unless I became pregnant. Not so; because, my feet? They're swollen. My resulting mood? It's cranky.

Speaking of pregnancy, my surgery was bumped for two weeks because of a lady who needed a c-section for her twins. I don't begrudge her the twins, but this puts my trip in jeopardy. That makes me really cranky.

BUT, the point of this blog wasn't to whine. The point of this blog is to say that I've been keeping track of the anemia flareups, and today a light bulb went off. A very important light bulb.

You see, I am a very competitive person. I like to win very, very much. More importantly, I really hate to lose.

I play online Scrabble all the time. I usually have about 8 active games on the go; and I'm pretty good. I usually win about 2/3 of my games but other days I'm not so good. On those bad spells, which tend to come on rather suddenly and last about a week, I struggle to spell 'cat'. It's frustrating to go from doing really well to suddenly having my brain disappear and becoming a nincompoop.

But I just figured out why it's happening. The light bulb went off, and I connected my anemia flareups with my ability to play Scrabble. I just compared my records vs the rankings on Scrabble and found a definite correlation: anemia flares up; Scrabble abilities go down.

The anemia affects my ability to think, and therefore my Scrabble skills. Of course it does!

The fact that I'm currently losing 6 of my 8 games of Scrabble? Not my fault.
THAT makes me feel better.


  1. I'm so competative I can't play board games for fear of losing and Scrabble would kick me in the end because I can't spell. Also, I'm hoping your vacation plans don't get cancelled.

  2. Dang grey matter diverting necessary resources to healing! That really is so frustrating when the mental agility starts being affected, but you're right - it's always a comfort when you realize it's not inherent, it's circumstantial!