Monday, April 26, 2010

A Moral Dilemma

Is it wrong for me to hang out in front of my house, and screen the people who are looking to potentially buy the evil neighbour's house?

Keeping in mind that the devil you know may be a whole lot better than other potential neighbours, would it be that wrong for me to discourage some people? I'm thinking of the partiers, the the guys who own at least 6 hummers and jacked up trucks; or the white trash who promise to have no less than 683 garden gnomes on their front lawn. I wouldn't do anything illegal; I'd just put Sir Barks A Lot (aka Cotton) outside, wind him up and let him yap nonstop until they leave.

Would that be so terrible?


  1. You have my encouragement :D Go for it!

  2. Only if you're ok with people doing the same if you ever sell! Karma can be such a b!tch :(
    PSA over with:
    I have stood in my woods wearing a tshirt that says SERIAL KILLER when people were viewing the neighbors house. ;)

  3. I see absolutely no problem with that plan. Do what ya gotta do.

  4. Just go ahead and do it! The quality of your life is at stake here!

  5. Definitely the right thing to do.