Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Boys Confuse Me

There's a group of us that meet most Wednesday nights for dinner.  One of the guys from the group was at a car rental shop earlier to rent a car.  Being the single guy that he is, he chatted up the girl behind the counter and ended up inviting her along for our weekly chat and chew.  She arrived a few minutes after us, ended up sitting beside me and joined the other girls and I as we joked around and gabbed.

At the end of the night we all got up, paid our bill and left.  The one guy who had invited this girl to join us was the first to leave.  He walked away without acknowledging her.  In fact, he didn't talk to her at all - or make eye contact, that I saw - even once all night.  Granted, I am admittedly at least a little bit socially inept, but I'm a little bit perplexed about why he bothered to ask her along.


  1. Boys are dumb.

    Even though I'm married to one, that doesn't make them any less confusing. And dumb.

  2. Weird. How did she act? Did she look confused? And how was she with the group? And is that guy 16 years old? Cuz that would explain it.

  3. She looked a little stunned when she first arrived, but seemed to settle in fairly quickly. We had a good night, I think, just definitely not what she expected. (He's 50.)