Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nothing to talk about here

Have you ever noticed how blog entries ebb and flow?  Sometimes, I've got so much to say that I have to consciously withhold information, lest I overwhelm.  Other days, I can hardly come up with anything worth mentioning.  This would be one of those days.

  • A friend of mine does aesthetics out of her home, and I usually go to her for whatever I need done.  I cheated on her a week or so ago, and went to get a pedicure at a nearby shop.  There, the lady cut the nail on my big toe too short, and I've been in pain ever since.  I know without a doubt that when I tell my friend this, she'll say it serves me right.
  • I cashed in a gift certificate recently and ordered "The Inconvenient Truth" book.  It just arrived, covered in mark down and sale stickers, which I've been unable to remove.  In fact, when I pulled the one sticker off, it tore the cover. As unreasonable as it may be, my nose is seriously out of joint over this.  The book is now damaged, before I've even had a chance to read it.  And why would a Mail Order company need to slather its products in price tags???
  • I went to a birthday party on the weekend for a friend's two year old.  She made a beautiful farm-yard themed birthday cake for him, using fondant and chocolate figurines that looked better than some of the professional cakes I've seen.  When it came time to blow out the candles, the birthday boy didn't show much interest, so each of the many two year olds in attendance took turns to blow (aka spit) them out.  Not wanting to be a stick in the mud, I waited until they were cutting from the far side of the cake before I took my piece, and then planned to only eat the unexposed parts.  However, shortly after I sat down, the little girl beside me (who spat out way more cake than she swallowed) needed to be changed.  Her mom took her out of the high chair, held her up over the table, and shook all of the regurgitated food off of her lap and onto my plate before she laughed and walked away.  That may have been the first time in my life when I sat with a piece of cake in front of me for a good half hour, and felt absolutely no desire to eat it.
  • I'ma gonna crawl back into my hole now.


  1. Your post with hardly anything worth mentioning was very entertaining.
    Serves you right.

  2. Janice, just ewwwww on the whole cake and kid thing. Ewwww. Sorry about your big toe. I had my first pedicure at 50(seriously)and that happened to my left big toe and I haven't let someone else mess with my feeties since.
    Do I ever know about the ebb and flow factor in blogging.

  3. January is just a big hole of emptiness for us bloggers. I've got nothing good to say on my blog, so I think I should just shut up for a while.

  4. I had lunch with a friend at Panera, the young mother at the next table changed her baby's poopy diaper right there at the table.
    I feel better now that I got that out.

  5. Oye, Patti, that's terrible! I think I'd have said something about that.

  6. I don't eat birthday cake from anyone under 25, period.

    Being a hands-on Nana these days, I can say it's fine to feed your baby at the table, but it is not, under any circumstances, okay to chage a baby's diaper at the table. Ew.