Saturday, January 21, 2012

Death By Chocolate

It happened.  I found a trait that I have inherited from my mother.  She goes crazy with the cleaning before she has guests, and as a result has grown to hate having company because of all the work.  Today I had a "Death by Chocolate" party, and went a little crazy with the preparation.  Some was reasonable - I did a little bit each night last week, and planned to do the vacuuming and dusting today (some of the guests are allergic to cats).

Last night though, I may have gone a little overboard. I found myself up on a ladder, polishing the crystal chandelier.   Then, I got out the paint can and painted over some of the marks and dings on the walls.  After that, I reminded myself that it was friends who were coming over, and that they aren't the type to notice imperfections or judge.  So, I made myself relax and have a good time.  

We had brownie batter chocolate cupcakes, chocolate pumpkin loaf, Toblerone fondu with fresh fruit, chocolate martinis and crepes with more fruit, custard and chocolate sauce.    We laughed, we told stories, we ate too much chocolate.

I, for one, and pretty sure that I'm done with the sweets for a good long, time.


  1. That's a cornucopia of sweet chocolate. The Toberlone fondu with fresh fruit is calling my name.

  2. In my fragile stomach state right now, chocolate is probably the only thing I can stomach reading about. If you had thrown, let's say, an egg party, I'd probably be hurling. But your party looks divine! Photos?