Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas in January

I feel like I've been on a roll for buying stuff, but I really haven't spent very much of my own money.

First, as a result of my recent Chocolate Party (which was actually a very successful way to lure people in and help my friend sell Pampered Chef products) I got an incredible amount of free stuff.   I just put in an order for a full set of stainless steel cookware, a couple of non-skid cutting boards and a flurry of kitchen doodads.  It's good to have friends with deep pockets!

Last night, I cashed in my Airmiles.  I've been collecting for about 3 years, to save up for a Kitchenaid professional grade mix master.  I finally had enough points, but then I realized that I didn't really need one that badly.  I wanted it because a bunch of my friends had one, but my mix master is pretty good.  It's a Sunbeam stand mixer, and it's older than I am.  It's a workhorse.  It's got a bigger capacity and a stronger motor than the Kitchenaid professional machine, so I realized that I'd be downgrading if I replaced it.  I'm a little worried that it'll die soon because of its age, but I decided to take that chance.  Instead, I ordered two rain barrels, which I've been eyeballing for ages. Most people probably think I'm crazy, but I'm ridiculously happy with the choice.

Finally, I went out to do some damage on the insurance claim.  I haven't submitted receipts for a few months, so it was time.  I bought a couple of things that are unexciting and useful, but yesterday I picked up a memory foam mattress cover.  I really need a new bed, but since that's not in the budget this will have to do.  I've only slept on it for one night, but it's comfortable - and my hips weren't sore this morning, which is unusual.

While looking for a replacement down duvet, I cut through the luggage section at the Bay.  These little lovelies caught my eye.

I'm hoping that the London Fog name means that they are good quality.  Plus, they were 70% off so I managed to get a set of three for less than what the insurance company was willing to pay for one (big) suitcase.

Saturday, my dad and I are driving up to Edmonton in his van, to buy and haul this home:
It's going to act as my basement closet, to hold my out of season coats and outdoor gear.  Note the feet, which will make it flood proof.

Finally, since I was on a roll and really felt the need to spend some of my own money, I bought myself a new treat: A Cuisinart Panini Press.  As much as I love my gas stove, it generates a lot of heat - so much so that it has destroyed the vent portion of my over-the-range microwave.  What that means is that I set off the smoke alarm somewhat frequently at my house.  As a result, I've gotten into the habit of using my George Forman Grill quite a bit, and I hate how hard it is to clean.  It can't be submerged in the sink, but the grill plates aren't removable.  It's a pain in the patootie, so it's been replaced.  I made a burger for dinner, and bought the ingredients for a panini tomorrow.  I've really very excited, but I suspect I'm also very easily amused.

It's a pretty great haul, eh?


  1. I think all your purchases look superb! Traveling? Panini~Mmmm.

  2. I think the comment bug is worked out! Hip Hip HooRay!!

    1. Thank goodness! It's getting lonely over here.

  3. I love that flood proof peice of furniture so much can you pick one up for me

  4. you got a panini press - yay!!!! how do you like it? we are still making paninis on a regular basis. My son could eat one every night....It was a huge deal when we got our rain barrel too :D