Monday, March 18, 2013

Basement prep

The push is on to make all my decisions for the basement now.  I've hired a contractor, and when he's ready to start work, I want all the decisions to be made.

Keeping in mind my allergies and the likelihood that the basement might flood, I've considered everything but carpet for the floors... cork, laminate, vinyl... but ultimately decided on tiles.  They will be cold, but I'll plan to put down area rugs near my desk (and around the sofa when I finish furnishing the place).

My first choice, if I didn't have to worry about cold floors, would be to have a beige and cream checkboard floor.  I love that idea, but am worried it'd be too busy with everything else I plan (like area rugs).  Ditto if I used accent tiles, borders and/or a more complex layout of tiles.

Budget also comes into play here - I need to do this as cheaply as I can and still do it right - so heated floors aren't an option.  It'll be tile floors for their durability, and area rugs to warm/spice them up.

After visiting no less than 6 tile shops, I think I found the winner yesterday.
(Please don't judge me by the poor state of my baseboards.)

It's 13"x13" and costs $2.69 each.  Similar tile, found at another store, was 10"x13" and cost $3.79.  I liked the idea of the rectangle, but don't think it's worth another dollar a tile.

Question - does it go with the baseboard colour?  At first, it didn't seem to go at all, but the more I looked at it, the more I thought it might.  If I decide it doesn't go, I would have to decide between using a different trim colour in the basement or finding something new for the floor.  

I've already decided on a colour scheme for the walls, so I'm not sure which option I like less.

For that, as strange as it may seem, my colour scheme was based on a candy.  When I was in Las Vegas, I went to the M&M store, and got raspberry M&Ms.  After I got home, I was eating some and I realized I really liked that mix of colours together.

So, the walls will be a light cream colour - called Linen.   Area rugs will also be fairly light.  The couch will be red, chair and accents will mostly be a dark purple, with a few highlights in pink.  I scrounged around the house to find things in these colours and it'll look something like this:

I probably should have kept some of the M&Ms

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  1. clever! tiles are best. if it get chilly for the dogs - cause you will get another dog so you have at least 2, i'm sure - you can get heated beds for them.