Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Free Time

I had some time at work that I had to use up by the end of March or lose it, so I made plans to go visit my sister and her boys in Kelowna this week.  Then a winter storm hit Alberta, and there was an avalanche on the road through BC that I would have been driving. I chickened out of the drive, and since Tallulah was going to come with me, buses and planes are out too.  I know it was probably the smart decision, but now I'm at home for a week with nothing to do.

I could clean the house, organize the garage, or do all sorts of things I'd rather not do, but so far none of that has called my name.


  1. Pick 1 project and just loaf the rest of the time.
    I would kill someone for a week of Nothing right now! (usually, that would make me nuts)

  2. I hear ya - in major procrastination mode - this being tax time. I hate tax time.