Friday, March 8, 2013

Follow-up Calls

A friend of mine recently landed herself a job as a manager in the cosmetic department of a store that likes to think of itself as the place to go for high-end cosmetics, creams and so-forth.  This store has been the recipient of many complaints about their service in the past, and so is now trying very hard to turn things around.

She was telling me that one of the hardest parts of her jobs is the required callbacks.  You see, when people buy cosmetics, the salespeople are supposed to get the customer's phone number.  A few days after the sale, the salespeople are supposed to phone to thank the customer for choosing to make the purchase from them.  Then, a few weeks later, they are supposed to call again to inquire how the purchase is working out.    And then - Baby Jesus of Bethlehem - they are supposed to call again in a few months to remind the customer that their product is running low and should be replenished.... you know, because one can't see that the bottle is getting empty.


I suggested that, as one of her first actions as manager, she put a stop to this practice.  Personally, if I got three phone calls from a store because I bought foundation from them, I wouldn't step foot in the store again.

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  1. that is absolutely crazy. I don't need any extra people calling me - especially about cosmetics - sheesh!! whomever came up with that practice?