Saturday, March 16, 2013

Space Saver

When I was in Italy, I saw something that I loved.  It's not Italian, necessarily, but I thought it was smart.  Over there, kitchens (homes) are smaller, and they don't have the room to store stuff on the counter.  I have had a knife block for years, but I thought it made a lot more sense to store knives on the wall with a metallic strip.

For about a year, I gave up almost a quarter of my counter space to a knife block and a bunch of glass jars that held whole grains.  I shifted things around in the pantry last weekend, and moved the jars in there.  Today, I put up a metallic knife strip on the wall.   I think it'll work out well.

I have some knives waiting to be cleaned that aren't there. When they are all in place it's a tight fit, so I stored three heavy duty knives (which I rarely if ever use) in safety sleeves in drawers.

Check out that counter space it freed up - the knife block and the jars used to fill most of that whole corner.


  1. We use a knife block and on top of that or next to is is a carrousel with compartments and lots of steak knives in that, plus wooden spoons and things I don't remember what they are good for.

  2. I stick all my knives in a drawer in one of those plastic tray thingies with compartments and hope when I stick my fingers in there I won't have to get any stitches! Now my junk drawer is the epitome of organization thanks to CH. And believe me, he does not lose any sleep over things not being organized. Your metallic strip looks great!