Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dr Seuss Would Be Proud

Sometimes, pictures present themselves, and you can't take the time to adjust things, clear up the visual clutter or improve the lighting. The pose is just that good that you can't afford a delay.

This would be one of those times.

I wasn't feeling all that great last night, so I didn't walk the dogs. Instead, I found activities for Tula to do in the house. She's got these turtle eggs that came out of a stuffed turtle at some point. I don't know where the turtle is, but the eggs make for great in-house fetching toys.

I sit in my chair and chuck them down the hall. Tula brings them back with a minimum of damage.

Tonight, I was gearing up the dogs for their usual walk, and I started to tidy up without thinking. I gathered up the eggs, and as I went to put them away, Tula woofed at me. She had her boots on, she'd waited patiently while I'd gotten Cotton all geared up and darnit she was ready to go. She didn't want any more delays.

That's when a thought occurred to me:

Green Eggs and a Ham


  1. Both of you have the cutest walking shoes/boots I've ever seen!!

  2. Ha! I can see how that was irresistible. Isn't she a gorgeous pup!

  3. Janice my comment got zapped! I think. I just said that I thought your wellies were very cute and that I had just bought a pair. Blue with a red stripe and red soles and that Tula was looking very festive fashionista in her feetie wear!

  4. I ordered those argyle boots online a few years ago, not knowing that they're lined with fleece and actually quite warm. They've beome my go-to boots for walking the dogs.

    Tula loves her Muttlucks, although I'd still prefer to get her a black pair that's less flashy.

    I told one of my coworkers about my Dr Seuss pun. He told me that 'sometimes, these things seem a lot better in our heads than the actually are.'