Monday, September 13, 2010

Family Reunions aren't always awful

I had the best time with the family this weekend.  My aunts & uncles were in town, so my sister came down with her kids.  Even my brother, who is somewhat antisocial, came with his family.  We laughed, and laughed and laughed some more.

On Saturday, my mom made up a couple of big lasagnas for dinner.  I said I'd bring some bread, so I stopped at my favorite bakery.  I was going to pick up a couple of loaves of sour dough bread, but they were sold out.  They had a big sale on, so I could almost see why.  It was nearly impossible to resist - if you bought one loaf for $3.99, you could get the second for $3.98.

My uncle (a environmental consultant) almost has me convinced to get my Masters.  He and his wife have both been instructors at a distance university that I've been eyeballing.   They've got an Environment and Sustainability program that really calls my name.  I haven't done it because of finances and the time commitment; but when he tells me about the program and the instructors, I find it incredibly tempting.

My aunt and I have committed to seeing David in Florence together.   I've always wanted to see Italy, period.  She dreams of seeing David.  We might go to Greece too, but Italy is non-negotiable.  We have set a date, about two years from now, so that we can both save up and do it right.  Oct 2012 - we'll be there.


  1. Love Family Reunions! Love them better in Italy!!

  2. What a wonderful plan, make it true and tell us all about it when you do.

  3. Well Janice I just had to tell you how happy I am for you about your plans to see Italy! And I am also tickled to hear that the reunion was full of laughter and lasagna :) Your Masters and something new calling your name. You have a few changes too, but BIG. Good for you!

  4. Glad your reunion went well!! And Italy is a must-see!